Fresku x Takumi Ramen Set
Fresku x Takumi Ramen Set

Fresku x Takumi Ramen Set

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Craftsmanship, dedication, and generosity: these elements were embraced by the rapper artist Fresku and the founders of the popular Takumi Ramen. Together with the Eindhoven branch of the Ramen restaurant, we are excited to announce our limited edition special box of the Fresku x Takumi collaboration.


  • Specially designed red Ramen bowl
  • Wooden chopsticks engraved with Fresku x Takumi
  • Wooden Ramen spoon engraved with Fresku x Takumi

Please note that there is limited availability for this special box collaboration. We cannot guarantee how long stock will last. For shipping we are not responsible for any damage shipping process, since it's a fragile item. 

*All sales are final, no refund or returns accepted.

We are truly honored to forge this special collaboration with Fresku and Takumi. Fresku's visits to Takumi restaurants were filled with joy, and Takumi appreciates the personal connection Fresku establishes with his fans. Both parties value loyalty and share a common philosophy: everyone is welcome at our table, regardless of age or background. It's a place where small and large, young and old come together.